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Wednesday, 17. April 2013. 10:03

The statement of the Cabinet of the President of the Parliament Mr. Ranko Krivokapić

Regarding allegations of the President of the Supreme Court, Ms. Vesna Medenica, at the press conference held today, in the context of mentioning the name of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, related to the issues on the situation in judiciary, the Cabinet of the President of the Parliament delivers the statement of the following content:

Efficient, independent and above all responsible judiciary stands as a condition for strengthening the rule of laws as a key feature of a mature society.

The speed and quality of European integration of Montenegro depends on results achieved in the field of processing and adjudication, especially cases of high corruption and organized crime. The latest events related to some important judicial cases do not constitute encouragement to the overall state efforts on that path.

For all these reasons, it would be more productive for the highest holders of judicial power to deal more with the current state in judiciary, especially in the light of the latest cases, instead of debating with the media reports not previously checking whether those were said at all by the President of the Parliament of Montenegro.