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Committee on International Relations and Emigrants

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Igmanstak inicijativa

The Igman Initiative is a regional network of NGOs consisting of representatives of civil sector, media, local self-governments, as well as political and economic analysts who design projects aimed at normalising and promoting relations between the countries of the so-called Dayton tetragon. The Igman Initiative efforts are aimed at establishing good neighbourly relations, rebuilding mutual trust and tolerance as well as overcoming all types of discrimination in the signatories to the Dayton Agreement. Through its numerous activities focused on establishing stable democratic institutions and the rule of law, exercising of human and minority rights, as well as restoring regional cooperation, the Igman Initiative directly contributes to advancement of the European integration process in the entire region.


  • Creating preconditions for observance of human rights and rights of minorities, justice, freedom and security;

  • Supporting the non-governmental sectors in the region, particularly at the local level, with a view to including them in decision-making processes;

  • Supporting the initiatives aimed at creation of the atmosphere of trust and stable relations within the EU integration process;

  • Fostering economic, political and cultural cooperation at all levels, as well as launching reform initiatives;

  • Regional activities relating to organised crime and terrorism prevention in the region;

  • Setting up a regional expert network for the purpose of civil sector strengthening in order to make an independent and good quality monitoring on the path to EU accession, as well as cooperation at the institutional level in all countries of the region;

  • Education and research aligned with the needs in the region.