Skupština Crne Gore

Important role in the way of reaching and respecting the values ​​of democracy, rule of law, human rights, as well as ensuring safety and security, the Parliament of Montenegro achieved through permanent delegation both to European and world organizations: Council of Europe, the Organization for European Security and Cooperation, the Organization North Atlantic contract and Inter-Parliamentary Union. Parliamentary cooperation underlines the importance of maintaining a connection between the leadership of international organizations and parliaments themselves, which is trying to provide exactly through the parliamentary dimension the realization of the goals and values which promotes the organization itself.
In that regard, the essential meaning of existence of the Council of Europe is to provide basic personal and democratic rights and freedoms in Europe, the most important documents brought in order to achieve this primary objective are: The European Convention on Human Rights and the establishment of the European Court of Human Rights. Furthermore, the Organization for European Security and Cooperation is biggest regional, Safety organization in the world whose main goal is the safety of all its members, which covers a wide range of activities related to all three dimensions: political-military, economic-environmental and human dimension security.
On the other hand, the organization of NATO connects Europe and North America in a unique defense and security alliance, providing collective security of the member states. It can be defined as a forum for security consultations which significantly contribute to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area as well. Adapted to modern challenges NATO now operates in the field of maintenance of peace, stability and democratic order and respect for human rights, then the fight against international terrorism and the threat of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; development of sustainable relations with Russia and Ukraine, strengthening the basis for development of close cooperation with other partner countries. Finally, the Inter- Parliamentary Union, since its establishment in 1889, seeks to present the parliamentary dimension on the international scene and also seeks to present the voice of elected representatives of the people in negotiating processes emphasizing that peace and security are highly ranked on the list of priorities of the international organization.