Skupština Crne Gore

In the framework of cooperation between parliaments of the region, which takes place through the mechanisms of regional initiatives, the role of the Parliament of Montenegro was recognized as constructive and comprehensive, and especially dedicated to further development and enhancement of capacities of regional initiatives,of which being the member. The initiatives in question arethe Central European Initiative (CEI), Adriatic-Ionian Initiative(AII) and the Process of Co-operation in South East Europe (SEECP).

Regional cooperation is a key element of the integration process, especially the process of stabilization and association, and the sheer speed of the process of EU integration certainly depends on the mutual cooperation of Balkan countries and their willingness to belong to the united Europe.

Generally speaking, the Parliament of Montenegro has been characterized as an example of a legislative body that through participation in mechanisms of regional action maintained good relations with the countries of the region and promoted co-operation towards regional stability.Parliamentary commitment to regional cooperation has been manifested through active participation in the parliamentary assembly and operation of regional initiatives, and the successful chairmanship of Montenegro over these initiatives in 2010 and 2011.