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The Parliament of Montenegro, as a state body, in formal and material sense, was established by the Constitution for the Principality of Montenegro of December 1905, under the name National Assembly, as the representative body of the people and a body of legislative power exercised jointly with the Prince.

National Assembly, established by the Constitution of 1905, replaced the previous people’s assemblies, meetings and councils in Montenegro.

The first parliamentary elections for the National Assembly in Montenegro were held in accordance with the Law on Election of People’s Representatives adopted on 24 June (7 July) 1906. The elections were held on 27 September, and the National Assembly convened for the first time in Cetinje, on 31 October 1906. This was the first convocation of the Assembly, and that day is marked as the date of beginning of parliamentarism in Montenegro.

From this (the first) convocation of 1906, the Parliament of Montenegro has had 25 convocations. (25th convocation is the convocation of the Parliament constituted on 6 November 2012).

The first National Assembly, constituted on 31 October 1906, was dissolved on 9 July 1907.

The elections for the new (second) convocation of the National Assembly were held on 31 October 1907, and the National Assembly convened on 21 November 1907. The term of office of this assembly lasted until September 1911.

The elections for the third convocation of the National Assembly were held on 27 September, and the National Assembly convened on 1 December 1911. The term of office of this assembly lasted until 25 October 1913, when the National Assembly was dissolved.

The elections for the fourth convocation of the National Assembly were held on 11 January 1914, and the National Assembly convened on 28 January 1914. The National Assembly of this convocation convened for the final time on 25 December 1915, and ended its work on 4 January 1916 and did not convene again.

During the time of the Principality and the Kingdom of Montenegro, or until the end of the WW I, when in 1918 Montenegro illegally and illegitimately (forcefully) lost both its name and its statehood, there had been four convocations of the National Assembly.

Losing its statehood from 1918 until the WW II, Montenegro had no assembly.

The new or the fifth, parliamentary convocation in Montenegro was Montenegrin Anti-Fascist Assembly of National Liberation (CASNO), convened on 14 July 1944 in Kolašin by the decision of the State Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Montenegro and Boka (ZAVNO), with regard to turning ZAVNO into CASNO.

The term of office, or the convocation, of this assembly lasted until 3 November 1946, when the elections for the Constitutional Assembly of the People’s Republic of Montenegro were held, but CASNO changed its name on 15 April 1945 to Montenegrin National Assembly and on 15 February 1946 to National Assembly.

The Constitutional Assembly, constituted on November 1946, was the sixth convocation of the Parliament of Montenegro.

The Assembly, constituted on 2 October 2006, was the 23rd convocation of the Parliament, and it was constituted and begun its work as the Constitutional Assembly, tasked with adopting the Constitution of the independent country of Montenegro, and then to continue its term of office as a regular assembly.

The current Parliament of Montenegro, 25th convocation, was constituted at the sitting held on 6 November 2012.

From the Constitutional Assembly 1946 – 1950, the convocations of the Parliament of Montenegro have been the following:

1950 - 1953; 1953 - 1958; 1958 -1963; 1963 - 1969; 1969 -1974; 1974 - 1978; 1978 -1982; 1982 - 1986; 1986 - 1989; 1989 - 1990; 1990 - 1992; 1992 - 1996; 1996- 1998; 1998 - 2001; 2001 - 2002; 2002 -2006; 2006 -2009; 2009-2012; and the convocation of the Parliament constituted in 2012.

You can find the names of all 27 presidents of the Montenegrin parliament during its work in the past 23 convocations in the list of presidents.