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Skupština Crne Gore

Parliamentarians of the countries included in the Stabilisation and Association Process of the South-East Europe have regularly been pointing out that a clear and undisputable perspective of a full-fledged EU membership represented the most necessary and the most effective incentive for achieving and implementing reforms in the countries of the South-East Europe, and the promotion of regional cooperation and stability, or an internal democratic, economic and social development. In that respect, the participants in the Conference of Chairpersons of the Foreign Policy and European Integration Parliamentary Committees of the National Parliaments of the Countries Participating in the South East European Process (SEECP), held in Bucharest, Romania, on 24-25 March 2005, decided to establish a regional form of parliamentary cooperation of the European integration committees (Item 10 of the Conference Action Plan).

The COSAP was founded in Sarajevo, in June 2015, as a result of the conclusions of the Thessaloniki Summit 2003. It was conceived as a forum aimed at promoting fundamental internal reforms based on the joint aspiration towards the EU integration.

At the meeting in Sarajevo, the rules of procedure were adopted, stipulating that the Conference shall have a rotating presidency and meet biannually to consider current issues regarding the Stabilisation and Association Process and the EU enlargement, also introducing the Troika (former, current and future chair) as a format of action.

The COSAP is a confirmation of readiness of the countries participants with regard to implementation of reforms based on the EU values, which imply development of democracy, rule of law, observation of human rights and freedoms, tolerance, and mutual understanding leading to consolidation and reconciliation. 

The COSAP has a clear agenda and perspective of strengthening cooperation between the European integration committees, with significant help provided by the European Parliament. It can be considered a successful and functional network with a clear agenda.