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Skupština Crne Gore

Parliament of Montenegro achieves daily communication with media, through the Department for Public Relations, International Affairs and Protocol:


tel/fax: 020/404-565, 404-518

Accreditations – Representatives of media may record parliamentary sessions as well as other parliamentary activities with the previously issued yearly/daily accreditation.

At the end of the calendar year, Department for Public Relations, International Affairs and Protocol will send an invitation to all editorial boards to inform that it is necessary to ask for registration of journalists and cameraman/photo rapporteurs who will monitor parliamentary events. The request for accreditations should contain: name and surname of the journalist, cameraman/photo rapporteur, personal identification number, media logo, stamp and signature of authorized person.

Daily accreditations are issued for one-use, on shortened procedure, in the request containing mentioned information and indication of events for which the registration is asked for.

Request for accreditation, as well as ad hoc questions, may be submitted in the following manner:

  • e-mail:

  • tel/fax: 020/404-565, 404-518

  • in electronic manner, by fulfilling the attached form

Journalists questions – For every additional, single journalist interest related to parliamentary activity, we kindly ask you to contact in written form the Department for Public Relations, International Affairs and Protocol: