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Skupština Crne Gore

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The Parliament is the organ of the legislative power in the Republic. It is the representative body of the citizens, and it is consisted of MPs that are elected by citizens in direct and secret ballot on the basis of a general and equitable voting right.

Term of office of the Parliament shall last four years, an MP does not have binding mandate, they shall decide and vote according to their own beliefs, they shall enjoy immunity and may not be recalled.An MP shall be elected for every six thousand voters, in the Republic as a unique electorate, on the basis of electoral lists submitted by: political parties (party electoral list), coalitions of political parties (coalition electoral list) and the groups of citizens (electoral list of the group of citizens). Mandate of MPs shall be allocated according to the proportionate, Doont’s electoral principle, i.e. the principle of the largest quotient.

The Parliament shall work in regular and extraordinary sittings. The regular sittings shall be convened twice a year, namely: the first regular session shall start on the first working day in March and shall last until the end of July, and the second one shall start on the first working day in October and shall last until the end of December. The extraordinary session shall be convened at the request of not less than one third of the total number of MPs, or at the request of the President of the Republic and of the Prime Minister, and they shall be convened in the period from the first working day in January until the last working day in February, as well as from the first working day in August until the last working day in September.