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Skupština Crne Gore
Tuesday, 10. June 2014. 19:47

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ranko Krivokapić presented students of Democracy Workshops with certificates

President of the Parliament of Montenegro and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Mr Ranko Krivokapić presented students of Democracy Workshops today with 2934 certificates in the period from December 2013 to January 2014 

President Krivokapić presented students of primary schools of Montenegro with certificates, who participated in democracy workshops titled “Democracy and Parliament” and “European Union” in the period from December 2013 to January 2014. On that occasion, 2934 certificates have been presented to children from 59 Montenegrin primary schools from 19 municipalities.

On this occasion, President Krivokapić in his address to students of DW, among other things, said: "You are not only a future of Montenegro, you are the future of Europe. New Europe, which is vital and can create a new better life for all its citizens. We are proud of you and you are the first to participate in this program in the Western Balkans.

We are very proud that in less than two years, from October 2012 until June 2014, nearly 10,000 Montenegrin children and 700 professors passed through the Parliament of Montenegro and Democracy Workshops. When you have such a lively, fluctuating democracy in a small country, democracy that is constantly flowing, then we know that our Parliament has the capacity to organize together with other entities something that is spreading of idea of welfare, the common good for the generation that comes.

This project is the reason why people are involved in the public work, to see that the young, new generations will be better than them, and that those generations will better lead our country, European country and with more rule of law, stable and rich, with more solidarity and thus happier.  

The Parliament of Montenegro will continue with the implementation of this project. I owe gratitude to my Austrian colleague Ms Barbara Prammer who supported this project through the Erste Foundation, and now the project is Montenegrin and it will be for forever. This will be a continuous project that will last while there is democracy in Montenegro, "said Krivokapic.

President Krivokapic thanked all the parents, teachers, trainers and project managers for the care, work and effort.