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Saturday, 16. April 2016. 17:16

President of the Parliament takes part in the XIV Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ranko Krivokapić took part in the XIV Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative, hosted by Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Mr Željko Reiner in Split.

The conference was focused on challenges of migrations, particularly with regard to resolving numerous challenges by the states of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative. They assessed that even though migrations were not caused by the states of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative, this region must find a common answer and provide help to all in need, in line with European and international standards. Participants underlined that processes were humanitarian as well as security problem of Europe.

“Thank you, the Republic of Croatia, for recognising the importance of parliamentary diplomacy and democracy even in 2011, thus contributing more strongly to the AII. All of us from this region were nations who emigrated or nations of refugees. Economic crisis makes nations of refugees, and even Italy, pressed by the crises loses its youth who goes towards America and other states. We are losing young and most educated part of the society”, President Krivokapić stated.

“Migration of peoples are inevitable course of history, and that is, so to say, mathematical resultant. If you look at the Mediterranean, you will see at one side a half a billion of young and poor, and on the other a half a billion of developed but older and older. This is why the EU needs a lot of courage to open these painful political issues. Even though a small country, Montenegro was able to admit refugees during the nineties, so in one moment it had 25% of refugees in total population. Numbers are not the major problem, polices are. We have lost the most valuable that we had, and those are people”.

“To speak about melting pot is risky, but I am positive that it is much riskier not to speak about that” That is why parliaments must seek courageous answers and politics which will be sustainable in a long term. This has to be a new invitation for gathering, because nothing can bring us together so strong as joint problems. This is a chance for Europe to make a step forward to new unity and new cooperation. I hope that all of us will be brave enough to open these issues in our parliaments”, President Krivokapić concluded.

During the conference, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ranko Krivokapić had meetings with his Croatian, Italian and Slovakian counterparts.

President Krivokapić spoke with his Croatian counterpart Mr Željko Reiner, Speaker of the Croatia Parliament. “Croatia is not only our physical contact with the European Union, but also a state with which we are building mutually beneficial meaningful relations”. Relations of our states may be a good example to others in the region. Cooperation with Croatia is particularly important to us, in order to use your experience from Euro-Atlantic integration, and to additionally bring together our citizens and integrate them socially and economically”, Mr Krivokapić said to Mr Reiner.

The Speaker of the Croatian Parliament also assessed that they built good and friendly relations with Montenegro. In the conversation, he stressed that Croatia strongly supported Montenegrin path to the EU and NATO, saying that it would generously provide every kind of support and help on that path, which will be most visible in a very rapid process of ratification of the agreement on Montenegro's membership in NATO by the Croatian Parliament He also voiced pleasure over the integrity of Croatian community in Montenegro, and praised that as a special value of our state.

President Ranko Krivokapić spoke with his Italian counterpart Ms Laura Boldrini, and informed her about the Parliamentary Dialogue and its results. Mr Krivokapić stressed that the Agreement may and should lead to parliamentary elections which will be less disputable, and whose results will be accepted by all participants.

Ms Boldrin showed, during the talk with Mr Krivokapić, a great interest in deepening and intensifying cooperation and relations with Montenegro. She stressed that key obligations of the states of the Euro Atlantic integrations were eradicating corruption and strengthening the rule of law, where parliaments will play a special role. The Parliament of Italy stated that Montenegrin Parliament made great results in strengthening its responsibility.

During the meeting with Speaker of the Slovenian Parliament Mr Milan Brglez, President Krivokapić stressed traditionally good results of the states and voiced gratitude to Slovenia over the support it continuously provided to Montenegrin Euro-Atlantic path.

“Social and economic topic are today of key importance for the states of our region, because with no sustainable economy and real growth, we cannot expect political stability. That is particularly important question for the states which moved from socialism to market transition and thus lost huge production resources. Our basic goal must be creating the ambience by strengthening the rule of law, where we will have investors who will produce goods and bring new knowledge. That is the only way to keep our youth and provide them a perspective”, Mr Krivokapić emphasised.

President of the Slovenian Parliament Mr Milan Brglez said that his state remained a devoted friend to Montenegro, and that will be a good lawyer to its Euro Atlantic path. Mr Brglez announced that the Parliament of Slovenia, before the summer, and immediately after the signing of the accession protocol, wouldinitiate the process of ratification of our state’s membership to NATO.

Video material can be downloaded