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Skupština Crne Gore
Tuesday, 07. July 2015. 14:40

Continuation of the 24th Annual Session of the OSCE PA

Meetings of general committees were held and resolutions and reports were considered

The 24th Annual Session of the OSCE PA was continued with holding of meetings of three general committees with general resolutions of the following committees on their agendas: Political Affairs and Security Committee, Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment, and Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions. 

Mr Roger Wicker (USA), Chairperson of the Political Affairs and Security Committee, said that the number of amendments (69) submitted to the general resolution speaks of the Committee members’ interest in and commitment to the issues within the competencies of this Committee. The major part concerns the security situation, and bearing in mind the current crisis and the absence of the Russian delegation, there were comments that the parliamentary dialogue under the circumstances was difficult. Ms Margareta Cederfelt (Sweden), rapporteur of the Committee, presented the submitted resolution, which was adopted with certain amendments with regard to the original text.

Chairperson of the Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment Ms Roza Aknazarova (Kyrgyzstan) pointed out the significance of promotion of economic cooperation, and boosting investments, as well as basis for a general stability in the OSCE area. The Resolution of the Committee was presented by rapporteur of the Committee Ms Marietta Tidei (Italy), emphasising that the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 was proclaiming the significance of economic stability and sustainable development, and envisaging guidelines of OSCE PA with regard to improvement of economic situation in accordance with protection of the environment. Furthermore, a trilateral agreement of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt was presented, aimed at strengthening economic cooperation in the Mediterranean, with special focus on trade exchange. Members of the Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment adopted the general resolution with a majority of votes.

Ms Isabel Santos (Portugal) chaired the meeting of the Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions. She pointed out that democracy and human rights were concerns of all member states, and she pointed out the need for visible implementation of activities aimed at observance thereof. During the meeting, they considered the submitted amendments to the general resolution with Ms Gordana Čomić (Serbia) as rapporteur. In the end, they noted the adoption of the said document, with certain amendments. 

The debate on individual resolutions will be continued tomorrow, at the plenary sitting. The Resolution on Helsinki +40 process, directly addressed to the plenum, was adopted with certain amendments, and, among other things, it promoted commitment of members states to observing democratic election standards, better coordination of the parliamentary dimension in conflict prevention, and honouring all ten principles of the Helsinki Final Act.

President Emeritus and President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ranko Krivokapić, Vice President of the Parliament Mr Milutin Simović, and MP Mr Goran Danilović are participating in the Session.