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Thursday, 09. July 2015. 11:20

The 24th PACE Annual Session ends

The Helsinki Declaration was adopted, and the President and the vice presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly, as well as the chairpersons of the committees, were elected 

The Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly ended in Helsinki today. Over 50 parliamentarians participated in the debate at the plenary session led on the proposal of the Canadian Resolution titled “The Continuation of Clear, Gross and Uncorrected Violations of OSCE Commitments and International
Norms by the Russian Federation”, which was adopted in the end by a majority of members in attendance. The absence of the Russian Delegation at the Annual Session resulted in withdrawal of their proposed resolutions and submitted amendments, which many assessed as the lack of opportunity to lead a constructive dialogue.  Among the fifteen submitted resolutions, the Slovenian resolution stood out, relating to the Modernization of the System of National Contributions to the OSCE Budget, highlighting the minimum contribution of a member state amounting to 10,000€ annually.  The proposed resolutions have been incorporated into the joint declaration which included the issues of migrants and refugees, arms control, minority rights and climate change as well as numerous security issues in the field covered by OSCE.

Furthermore, following the verification of candidates at the Bureau, the general committees elected their chairpersons, deputy chairpersons and rapporteurs to a period of one year.  The President of OSCE PA as well as four vice presidents were elected to the same period.  The vice presidents Mr Peter Bowness (UK), Mr George Tsereteli (Georgia), and Mr Roberto Batelli (Slovenija) were elected to the period of 3 years, while Mr Robert Aderholt (USA) will be a vice president until 2017.

Heads of election observation missions in United Kingdom, Tajikistan and Turkey presented reports on the recently held elections.

The Autumn Meetings of OSCE PA will be held in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), from 15 to 18 September.

President Emeritus of OSCE PA and President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ranko Krivokapić, Vice President of the Parliament Mr Milutin Simović and MP Mr Goran Danilović participated in the Annual Session.