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Monday, 04. July 2016. 16:53

Day four of the OSCE PA Annual Session in Tbilisi

Dialogue and building trust among states key for overcoming common challenges of member states

During the last four days, more than 300 parliamentarians of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly discussed resolutions related to the crisis
in and around Ukraine, transnational terrorism, protracted conflicts in Georgia, climate change, fundamental freedoms in Crimea, the fight against corruption, and the rights of refugees.  Today’s plenary session adopted the resolution by Mr Filippo Lombardi (Switzerland), devoted to lifting sanctions to parliamentarians with regard to their participation in all gatherings organised by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. In addition, the participants adopted a resolution on the need to equip passenger aircraft with additional technical means, proposed by Mr Nikoay Kovaliev (Russian Federation). OSCE PA Special Representative on Gender Issues Ms Hedy Fry (Canada) presented a report regarding the improvement of political, economic and social position of women in society.  Ms Fry stressed that all member states must be sensitive to the issues of gender equality, the integration of women, and the construction of adequate mechanisms for their safety, through the adoption of sustainable strategies.

This was followed by a discussion on the issues of common interest of the member states. They pointed out that parliamentary dialogue and mutual trust among states was an important factor in overcoming the challenges.

During the discussion, member of the Parliament of Montenegro’s delegation Mr Slaven Radunović addressed the present. Emphasising the importance of the resolution by Ms Margareta Cederfelt (Sweden), which addressed the issues of fight against corruption and strengthening the rule of law, Mr Radunović said that corruption was becoming one of pressing problems globally, representing a serious threat to the society.  It promotes ignorance, ignorance creates unprofessional, politically profiled staff and this vicious circle seriously erodes democratic, healthy and safe societies. With regard to that, Mr Radunović believes that application of the principle of non-selective implementation of laws, continuous cooperation of all relevant institutions, consistency in reforms and determination of all political structures were an efficient remedy against this widespread phenomenon. “Montenegrin citizens perceive corruption as a way of life. In the country where the government has not been changed for years, fight against corruption is particularly demanding.  We have to start from the very beginning - from ensuring fair and free elections”, Mr Radunovć said. It is necessary that constructive dialogue, expected from member states, contributes to clear guidelines for future parliamentary actions, which will lead to strengthening of political will of the executive powers, he concluded.

The plenary sitting was preceded by meetings of committees where leadership was elected.  Mr Roger Wicker (USA) was elected Chairperson of the Committee on Political Affairs and Security (I).  Ms Margareta Cederfelt (Sweden) is a rapporteur of the Committee. Ms Nilza Sena (Portugal) was elected Chairperson of the Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment (II), while Mr Artur Gerasimov (Ukraine) is the new Deputy Chairperson. Ms Marietta Tidei (Italy) was re-elected rapporteur of the II Committee. Mr Ignacio Sanchez Amor (Spain) was elected Chairperson of the Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions and Ms Ivana Dobesova (Czech Republic) was elected Deputy Chairperson, while Mr Kyriakos Hadjiyiannis (Cyprus) was elected rapporteur of the Committee.

Final harmonisation of the Joint Declaration is expected for tomorrow as well as election of president and members of the Parliamentary Assembly Bureau. Mr Darko Pajović, President of the Parliament of Montenegro, will speak at tomorrow’s plenary sitting.

Aside from the President of the Parliament of Montenegro and Head of delegation Mr Darko Pajović, MPs Mr Branko Čavor and Mr Slaven Radunović are also participating in this year’s OSCE PA Session.