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Tuesday, 11. October 2016. 21:14

Day two of the PACE Autumn Session

Member of Delegation of the Parliament to PACE Ms Snežana Jonica chaired the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Disability and Inclusion

On day two of the Autumn Session, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe discussed topics such as: lessons from the "Panama Papers" to ensure fiscal and social justice as well as children's rights related to surrogacy.

Upon the proposal of Mr Stefan Schennach, member of the Australian Delegation, the SAPC adopted the Resolution which emphasises that "Panama Papers” has led to decreasing of confidence in democratic, financial and taxation system, thus endangering the fundamental values of the European society, including fiscal and social justice.  It also expresses concern over the extent of avoidance and tax evasion, and even tax fraud, in contemporary societies, and stresses the importance of the right of access to information, whistle-blower protection, as well as the existence of higher ethical standards in politics and business.

Following the comprehensive discussion on this item of the agenda, the Assembly voted against the adoption of a recommendation on ‘Children’s rights related to surrogacy’, based on a report by Ms Petra De Sutter, member of the Belgian Delegation.

In the afternoon part of the session, Deputy Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Ms Mari Kiviniemi informed the Parliamentary Assembly on the work of this organisation during the last year, while Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Mr Jürgen Ligi spoke about activities of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

Address by President of the Republic of France Mr François Hollande drew a special attention at today’s session.  In his address to parliamentarians, Mr Hollande said that France stood alongside the Council of Europe and that he was confident that the Council of Europe stood alongside France in all efforts to promote peace, freedom and democracy. Speaking on many challenges that Europe has been facing today, Mr Hollande particularly singled out terrorism, migrant and refugee crisis and situation in Ukraine.  He also referred to situation in Turkey, conflict in Syria and cooperation with Russia, emphasising the significance of dialogue, responsibility and peace.

On day two of the session, several PACE committees held meetings as well as the Sub-Committee on Disability and Inclusion, chaired by Member of Delegation of the Parliament to PACE Ms Snežana Jonica. The Sub-Committee held a control hearing of Mr Alfred Ferrante, Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and Mr Milan Šveřepa, Director of the NGO “Inclusion Europe”, on the topic “The right to vote and business capacity”. The hearing was held in the context of preparation of the report on political rights of persons with disabilities, where a special attention would be devoted to relation between the suffrage and business capacity.

On day three of the PACE Winter Session, the Assembly will discuss on sports, cooperation with the International Criminal Court and political consequences of the Ukraine conflict.

Member of Delegation Ms Snežana Jonica is participating in the PACE Autumn Session.