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Monday, 19. November 2012. 13:00

IV Session of Children’s Parliament held today

In his introductory speech, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić said that he was exceptionally pleased that he was opening the happiest parliament in the world, for the fourth time, pointing out that it was immeasurable that the children each time would bring in and share their joy and expectations within the walls of this Montenegrin building, where the decisions on Montenegro were being made.

President Krivokapić stressed that he had a lot of hope and conviction that each generation would bring new and better knowledge to Montenegro. “It is a true treasure - the purity of your motives to ask questions in this democratic home”, the President Krivokapić pointed out and added that precisely owing to visions of the children, and via their teachers, the Parliament of Montenegro would implement a variety of joint projects. The President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić especially stressed the importance of making the Children’s Parliament a tradition and suggested that it should not be organised only once per year and only in Podgorica but that it would be good to organise something similar in all municipalities of Montenegro.

Vice Presidents Mr. Suljo Mustafić and Mr. Branko Radulović, as well as the Secretary General Mr. Damir Davidović were sitting at the presiding table, in addition to the President Krivokapić. On behalf of the Children’s Parliament, chairpersons were students Ms. Sandra Manojlovič, Ms. Zvezdana Ivanović and Ms. Tijana Nišavić. Ms. Manojlović said that by electing three females as chairpersons of today’s session of the Children’s Parliament they wanted, as she stated, to remind people of respect of gender equality. A student from Berane, Mr. Luka Bojović, said, in his presentation, that it was especially important that serious issues would be today discussed by children, while Ms. Marijana Blažević, a student from Podgorica, said that many things were changed for the better, through inclusive education but there would be still much to do. Student from Nikšić, Ms. Denisona Beriša had her own presentation and she spoke of the position of REA population in Montenegro and the fact that that were more and more Roma school children but the problem would be getting medical care and getting the necessary documents.

After the presentations, a student from Andrijevica, Ms. Jovana Radivojević had the honor to ask the first question, and then other colleagues exercised that right. One of the questions was for the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, and in regard to the record-keeping of the questions that were asked in the previous sessions and their realizations. President Krivokapić said that each generation was fighting for justice but sometimes answers were not easy to come by, which, he added, would not diminish the constant need of monitoring the government in keeping their promises. He reminded the little MPs that democracy was not a perfect system, but a system that was only strong as much as the citizens would preserve in their intention to bring society to some better level.

The answers, apart from the President Krivokapić, were also given by several ministers, their assistants as well as associates of the Mayors of Podgorica and Cetinje, and the representative of the UNICEF. The representatives of MPs of the Parliament of Montenegro, embassies, UNICEF, organization Save the Children, European Commission, OSCE and UNDP were also present.

The IV session of the Children’s Parliament was organized by the Parliament of Montenegro in cooperation with the Children’s Rights Centre of Montenegro, with the support from the offices of UNICEF and Save the Children.

42 students from 21 municipalities attended the Session and they were representatives of local Children’s Parliaments from Bar, Cetinje, Bijelo Polje and Podgorica and Children’s Parliaments from elementary schools in 17 cities of Montenegro.

The IV Children’s Parliament was organized on the occasion of 20th November, the Day of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and this year it was dedicated to promotion of children’s rights to participate and advocate, as significant social needs and values.

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