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Skupština Crne Gore

At today's meeting of the Working Group, the Draft Decision was considered, relating to future status of weekly magazine “Koha Javore”. The Proposal for the Decision will be submitted to the Parliament for further consideration and deciding. 

At its sixth meeting held today, members of the Working Group dealing with future status of weekly magazine in Albanian language together with representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Editor’s Office of the weekly magazine “Koha Javore” considered the issue of proposing a sustainable model of operation of weekly magazine “Koha Javore”. 

Members of the Working Group held a meeting with the Director General of the Directorate for Budget of the Ministry of Finance

Members of the Working Group held a meeting with General Director of Directorate for Media at the Ministry of Culture and Independent advisor for European integration in the field of media

Today's meeting of the Working Group dealing with resolving the status of weekly newspaper in Albanian language "Koha Javore" was organized in the premises of the daily newspaper "Pobjeda" with the bankruptcy administrator Mr. Mladen Marković

Members of Working Group met today with Mr Ali Salaj, editor-in-chief of weekly magazine “Koha Javore” published in Albanian language, in the premises of daily newspapers “Pobjeda”.