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Skupština Crne Gore

Parliamentary PositionsREŠAD SIJARIĆ

  • Member - Bosniak Party
  • Member - Administrative Committee
  • Member - Committee on Human Rigths and Freedoms

Personal Information

Date of Birth 10.05.1956.
Place of Birth: Godijevo

Contact Information

Phone Number: 





He finished elementary school in his hometown and grammar school in Bijelo Polje.

He graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Sarajevo with the degree of professor of geography.

Upon graduationin Sarajevo, he took employment as a professorof geographyat thePrimary School“ŠukrijaMeđedovićinGodijevo, where he was elected headmaster in 2011.

He is married with six children, four daughters and two sons.

His more activeengagement in politicsbeganthrough national parties. After the formation ofthe Democratic Union ofMuslims andBosniaksin Montenegro, he has actively workedon itsestablishment andstrengthening. He was the Vice-President of the Democratic Union ofMuslims andBosniaksin Montenegro and advocatedthat it beintegratedinto one strongBosniakpartythat would provide Bosniaksof Montenegro politicalstatusthey deserved.

In 2010 local elections, he was Presidentof the ElectionHeadquarters of the Municipal Board of the Bosniak Party inBijeloPolje and held second position in councillors list. Atthe 2011 April Convention of the Bosniak Party, he was unanimouslyelected president of the Municipal Board of the Bosniak Party Bijelo Polje. He was elected member of the Presidency of the Bosniak Party in the same year. He is one of the members of the Executive Board of the Bosniak National Council in Montenegro.

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