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Wednesday, 27. February 2013. 09:33

Mr. Branko Radulović received today representatives of KAP Trade Union

Vice-President of the Parliament of Montenegro and member of the Democratic Front Presidium, Mr. Branko Radulović, professor PhD, received today representatives of KAP Trade Union, Mr. Rade Krivokapić, Mr. Vukman Braunović and Mr. Željko Peruničić at their request. They talked on alarming situation in KAP and its future

The interlocutors agreed on situation in KAP, causes of that situation and its future. All possibilities offered by the Government or some political actors in the Parliament of Montenegro, whether it be about programmed bankruptcy, agreement with the current owner or selling of KAP in a condition like this with energetic potentials, would be in a great or even greater degree disastrous for Montenegro, as well as for sustainability of public finance, loss of some development potentials, increase of debt by borrowing for more than 280 million euro, sustainability of public debt or it would lead to the full bankruptcy of Montenegro.

The only promising future is immediate termination of the Contract with the current owner and the termination of commercial contract, overtaking of KAP by the state of Montenegro, review of the overall previous management, establishing of the actual state balance and urgent reconstruction, revitalisation and modernisation of KAP, with the support of Montenegrin Development Bank, which has to be established finally. Building of the new sources of electrical energy would serve to the overall development of energy-metallurgical production chain of the real economy and long-term sustainable development.

MPs Club of Democratic Front will insist on all of this, and will join the protest of KAP workers, which is to be held tomorrow.