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Monday, 17. December 2012. 09:44

Congratulatory message of the Vice-President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Barnko Radulović to Women s Handball National Team

To handball players, coaches and management of Women s Handball Team of Montenegro:

“I most sincerely congratulate you on winning the European crown with the wish to represent us in the best possible way and fight for the reputation of Montenegro in future. Once again, you are the best example and role model the Montenegro should be. You have shown that in harmony, regardless of individuality, you are motivated to achieve success and win the rival who outnumbers us. It has been confirmed that women are foundation of both family and society, and fortress of courage, daring and visionary. I would like with all my heart that all Montenegro looks after you, in each of its features and dimensions, whether in the moral, spiritual or material values.”

The Vice-President of The Parliament of Montenegro, Branko Radulović, professor PhD