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Tuesday, 12. July 2016. 18:32

Working lunch during the visit by the Speaker of the Albanian Parliament

During the official visit paid by Speaker of the Albanian Parliament Mr Ilir Meta, Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Suljo Mustafić hosted a working lunch attended, inter alia, by MPs Mr Goran Tuponja, Mr Aleksandar Damjanović, Mr Nikola Gegaj, Mr Almer Kalač and Mr Nik Gjeloshaj.

The meeting passed in a constructive conversation, during which the interlocutors agreed that it was necessary to further intensify political and overall cooperation of the two countries in the fields where mutual interests existed.

Vice President Mustafić emphasised that relations between Montenegro and Republic of Albania have been strengthened by European and Euro-Atlantic priorities and cooperation within regional initiatives, presenting positive example of good neighbourly cooperation of the two countries in the region.

Vice President Mustafić expressed institutional and personal gratitude to the Albanian Parliament and its Speaker Meta for the ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro, noting that it was not possible to achieve strategic integration goals - joining the European Union and NATO without active role in the regional cooperation and considering foreign policy in the regional context.

Vice President Mustafić expressed satisfaction over the fact that the two countries have established and permanently upgraded good neighbourly cooperation, as a constructive contribution to regional stability and best recommendation for achieving European and Euro-Atlantic values, noting that Montenegro has been permanently committed to further development of close ties and establishment of continuous political dialogue with the Republic of Albania.

Vice President Mustafić expressed satisfaction over the establishment of the friendship group of the two parliaments, assessing that this parliamentary form presented an important foundation not only for parliamentary cooperation but for overall relations of the two countries.

Vice President Mustafić stressed that emigrants from Montenegro were a bridge of cooperation between the two states.

Speaker of the Albanian Parliament Mr Ilir Meta thanked for the welcome and emphases that he shared opinion of his host that the two countries nourished good and friendly relations, which have been constantly improved.

Speaker of the Albanian Parliament Mr Ilir Meta congratulated once again on the progress that Montenegro has achieved on its path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, noting that it was important to work additionally on establishing even better economic and agricultural relations of the two countries in the following period, particularly when it comes to cooperation in the field of tourism as well as improving transport infrastructure of the two countries.  

Representatives of the two parliaments concluded that previous relations of the two countries represented a good base for further improvement of cooperation in all fields.

The meeting was attended by Chairperson of the Foreign Policy Committees of the Republic of Albania Ms Arta Dade and Head of the parliamentary Friendship Group between Albania and Montenegro Mr Paulin Sterkaj.