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Sunday, 30. December 2012. 12:38


President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, expressed New Year congratulatory message for public.

in your homeland, and wherever scattered around the world, the difficult years of crises still last. Poverty, and fear are entering our homes. But, we know – when it is the most difficult, we have to work better, be better, be more prepared, be more committed.

The State must show more strength than ever. Without justice there is no solidarity, for the weak and the powerless. However, these forests would not be green, in times when everywhere around us the leaves was falling, if we did not know more and better than the others. In 2012, we von numerous gold. In Brussels as the best country regarding European integration in the Balkans. European and Olympic "Golden lioness" have raised our name high. Even ”The Sharks” bit the European silver. We got used to the fact that footballers stay enthroned at the top of their group during the winter.

Esteemed citizens of Montenegro, there is a nobler glow than the golden one. That is the glow of the souls of our children, who got back to the country of their forefathers, to stand under the Montenegrin flag and sing the Montenegrin national anthem. Those are the ones who came back to raise Montenegrin name up high. Ms. Marina Abramović came back, and Mr. Branko Baletić, and this house is constantly full of children, and there is no greater happiness for a house than when people get back to it and when it is full.

Let your house be full at Christmas and New Year holidays. Full of happiness, peace and strength as well.

Mr. Petar Tadić, the champion of knowledge, brought to us the first Olympic medal. He has announced the 2013, the year of Njegoš, and memories of 200 years, since that wisdom had ennobled Montenegro.



President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić