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Thursday, 20. December 2012. 13:03

Attendees of Democratic Workshops presented with certificates

The President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić ceremoniously presented the certificates to representatives of 17 Montenegrin schools who participated in pilot project Democratic Workshops.

“It is my pleasure that you are here, in this house of Montenegrin democracy, I would say - third in line. The first was Montenegrin guvna (threshing floor), the second the Government’s house and the third is this modest home with open doors. I hope that the generations to come will be in a wider, better and therefore more open house for all of you”, said President Krivokapić.

He pointed out that it was his great pleasure that this project had started in the Parliament of Montenegro and that in 2013 there would be a decade since the Parliament’s door opened and that he believed that they would never again be closed to the citizens, so they can enter the Parliament, see it, stay in it and be part of its daily life.

 “Led by this initiative through the project “Democratic Workshops”, the opportunity arose to gather you from Podgorica, Nikšić, Danilovgrad, Cetinje and, as of the beginning of next year, from all over Montenegro”, pointed out the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić.

In addition to many participants, 55 students and 22 teachers were present at the ceremony for presentation of certificates for successful participation in the pilot project Democratic Workshops, organized by the Parliament of Montenegro and implemented by Forum MNE with financial support by the ERSTE Foundation.

Democratic Workshops are organized within the program Open Parliament and are aimed at stimulating interests in politics and democratic processes in the youth, enabling them to become familiar with the work of MPs and the Parliament as an institution. So far 1,224 children from 17 Montenegrin elementary schools participated in the pilot project Democratic Workshops.