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Saturday, 08. December 2012. 13:20

Congratulatory Message on the occasion of the Municipality Day of Danilovgrad

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, extended congratulatory message on the occasion of Municipality Day of Danilovgrad – 9th December to the President of the Municipality Mr. Branislav Đuranović, the President of the Local Assembly Mr. Miodrag Đurović, PhD, councilors and citizens:

“Town named after Montenegrin Crown Prince Danilo,

Ruler whose vision was to restore old Montenegrin state of Crnojević Family, modern and legal system based state. He adopted the Code that gives a strong foundation of the legal state, by which every Montenegrin citizen is guaranteed equality, honor, property, life and liberty.

Carrying Danilo’s name and the obligation to preserve historical achievements, situated in the Zeta River valley, Danilovgrad today becomes increasingly recognized as the town that provides possibilities for more living quality.

I believe that, thought by the history and encouraged by the wish for better tomorrow, you will have enough wisdom and persistence to make Danilovgrad, in the following period, the town of potential, new value and youth.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and on my own behalf, I congratulate 9th December – Municipality Day of Danilovgrad.”

Mr. Ranko Krivokapić