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Saturday, 15. December 2012. 13:39

Telegram of Condolences on the occasion of the tragedy in the American town Newtown

The president of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, on the occasion of yesterday’s tragedy in town Newtown, USA extended the following telegram of condolences to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congres, Mr. John Boehner:

“Yesterday’s Tragedy in Newtown is an event that overwhelmed us all with grief and shock. The immeasurable is the sadness and misfortune for a nation and a country to lose in a tragic way young lives, innocent and pure soul, the future of their country.

Pain and loss that came in the families that yesterday lost their children cannot be replaced, but we owe them the faith and hope that we will work every day to prevent such tragedies happening ever again.

Today, when spiritual and human is farther, and material closer, we face social deviations that remind us we all together have be there for each other.

I am positive that the American state will support bereaved families and share grief with them. Montenegro and its citizens are with you in this difficult time.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro, and myself, receive sincere condolences”.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ranko Krivokapić