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Tuesday, 20. November 2012. 13:44

Congratulatory Message on the occasion of Municipality Day of Kotor

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, extended congratulatory message on the occasion of Municipality Day of Kotor – 21st November, to the President of Municipality Ms. Marija Maja Ćatović, the President of the Local Assembly Mr. Nikola Bukilica, councilors of the Local Assembly of Kotor and citizens:

“Esteemed citizens ,

It is very special that Kotor celebrates three holidays in one day – Municipality Day, St. Archangels Day and Our Lady of Health.

It is also important for the state of Montenegro that Kotor is on the UNESCO list of 830 places in the world whose value and richness belong to the mankind.  

For centuries, Kotor fosters universal cultural and natural values, and it is traditionally known as a town of good international and inter-confessional relations, tolerance, and understanding.

Such values are surely a guarantee for further European future, both of Kotor and the state of Montenegro.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and my own behalf, I congratulate you 21st November – Municipality Day of Kotor.  

The President of the Parliament of Montenegro – Ranko Krivokapić ”