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Monday, 25. March 2013. 10:06

Mr. Krivokapić extended the congratulatory message

On the occasion of the Jewish holiday Passover, to the President Jaši Alfandari and members of the Jewish community of Montenegro, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, extended a congratulatory message: 

“On this Passover, the holiday of freedom and independence, I wish your hearts to be filled with love and warmth with which you will gift yourselves and your family, as well as your friends and neighbours of different denominations.

On this elevated holiday we should forget all the differences, and with faith in true human values such as love, understanding and respect, we should build bridges to connect even the furthest of shores. 

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro as well as on my own behalf, I wish you a happy holiday, the greatest celebration of Jewish faith and tradition – the Passover.

Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro “