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Thursday, 04. August 2016. 13:32

Congratulatory message on the occasion of Municipality Day of Plužine

On the occasion of the 4th August - Municipality Day of Plužine, President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović extended a congratulatory message to the citizens of Plužine, President of the Municipality Mr Mijuško Bajagić, President of the Local Assembly Mr Milutin Cicmil and councillors:

“Miraculous natural environment of Plužine: lakes, canyons, mountains... determines the character of its courageous and staunch citizens.

Natural, human and tourist potentials of Plužine, if used in the proper manner, may contribute to stronger prosperity of your municipality and more stable development of the quality of life.

Creating ambience for development of the economy and private business environment are the way to improve conditions for all of us in the upcoming period, and that is the aim that we should jointly strive to.

On behalf of the Parliament of Montenegro and on my own behalf, I congratulate Municipality Day of Plužine to all citizens of Plužine.”

Darko Pajović