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Skupština Crne Gore
Tuesday, 27. September 2016. 21:17

Belgian Parliament supports the accelerated NATO ratification of Montenegro

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Darko Pajović met Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Belgium Mr Siegfried Bracke, in Brussels today.

The interlocutors expressed pleasure over the bilateral relations of the two states at the political level, agreeing that there was a great space for improving the cooperation at economic level, especially in the fields of sustainable development and agriculture. They agreed to intensify cooperation of the of Belgian and Montenegrin parliaments, with an emphasis on the working bodies in charge of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. President Pajović thanked for the continuous support that Belgium has been providing to Montenegro in the process of NATO and EU accession. He thanked to his host for his promise that the Belgian parliament would follow an example of other parliaments of NATO member states when it comes to fast ratification of NATO Protocol on Montenegro’s Accession, given that Belgium had one of the longest procedures in the previous enlargement waves of the Alliance.

President Pajović informed his interlocutor on the current political developments in Montenegro, stressing that by establishment of the Government of Electoral Trust, young Montenegrin democracy has shown political maturity to resolve political challenges at the table. “We confronted with words – at the table, and not on the street or in trenches, which is not an unusual thing in the Balkans”, Mr Pajović emphasised.

President Pajović expressed regret for the tragic terroristic events that occurred in Brussels in March of this year, stressing that terrorism knew no boundaries, striking everybody, therefore we should work together on ensuring hope, freedom of living and future which would overcome terror and fear. “Peaceful, strong and a Europe of solidarity is the only answer to horror of terrorism which endangers lives of citizens and security of states”, Mr Pajović pointed out.