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Skupština Crne Gore
Wednesday, 28. September 2016. 17:14

MEPs: Preparation of the elections in Montenegro represents an example of the contemporary political communication

President of the Parliament of Montenegro had a presentation at the meeting of the Working Group on the Western Balkans in the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Mr Pajović spoke about the election atmosphere, which is much more democratic and fair in comparison to the previous election cycle, thanks to the agreement between the government and the opposition, and as a result of the establishment of the Government of Electoral Trust. 

The President of the Montenegrin Parliament cited concrete indicators of the Parliament’s role in democratization of the election process, adding that the Parliament has completely fullfiled its obligations under the agreement. Answering numerous questions of MEPs, related to the role of the media in the election process, ecology, rights of minorities, relation of the citizens towards European integration, Mr Pajović, inter alia, said:

- Pro-European forces in Montenegro make a huge majority. Montenegro is oriented towards the West, we want to be a part of Western civilization, and that course will not be changed. We are fully aware of the need to strengthen institutions and the rule of law”.

Mr Pajovic thanked to MEPs for the perennial continuous support they have been providing to Montenegro in European integration, as well as for the positive assessments of the Parliament’s role in the preparation of the elections, which they called a good example of the contemporary political communication.