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Friday, 08. March 2013. 10:43

Meeeting Mr. Krivokapić – Mr. Čobeljić

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ranko Krivokapić, met with the President of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, Mr. Srđan Keković, and the President of the Military Trade Union of Montenegro SOVCG, Mr. Nenad Čobeljić.

During the conversation, situation and problems that the Military Trade Union of Montenegro faced with were discussed as well as the need of better communication aimed at more efficient solution of the issues that this organization dealt with.

President Krivokapić said that, as a member of the Defence and Security Council, he had a special interest and obligation to be familiar with all happenings within the Military framework, including issues of positions and rights of its employees. He emphasized that it was a very sensitive system which functionality greatly depended on the manner in which employees were treated, in terms of respecting of new Constitutional and legislative rights. 

Mr. Čobeljic informed the President on activities of the organization he headed, and on the fact that SOVCG was a member of the EUROMIL, European Organisation of Military Associations. He announced holding of the Roundtable discussion in SOVCG organization on implementation of the recommendations of the Council of Europe, on protection of human rights and freedoms of the members of the armed forces in the Law on Military.