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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 09. May 2014. 19:41

Mr Slaven Radunović, member of the Parliament, as a guest of "Democratic Workshops"

On the occasion of celebrating 9 May, Europe Day, member of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Slaven Radunović, visited "Democratic Workshops" of the Parliament of Montenegro, and spoke to pupils of V-3 class of the elementary school "Milija Nikčević" from Nikšić, on the subject "European Union"

Member of the Parliament, Mr Radunović answered questions of pupils why was the 9 May significant and what the fellowship meant for him, as a member of the Parliament; why was the European Union important and what was its goal, as well as what were the benefits of accession to the EU.

Member of the Parliament emphasized the importance of education in the lives of all of us in the process of accession to the European Union and the benefits that young people would have with the accession of Montenegro to the great family of states.

Within the workshop on "European Union", topics such as the history of the European Union, its institutions, values, concept of EU integration and its importance for young people are covered.

Since the beginning of the project, 8 October 2012, until today, "Democratic Workshops" gathered 8,728 elementary school pupils – participants of workshops from 82 schools from 21 Montenegrin municipality.