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Skupština Crne Gore
Thursday, 04. December 2014. 17:13

Head of OSCE Mission to Montenegro Ms Janina Hřebíčková hosted by Democracy Workshops

Head of OSCE Mission to Montenegro Ms Janina Hřebíčková visited today “Democracy Workshops” of the Parliament of Montenegro and spoke on the topic of human rights with students of the ninth grade of primary school “Radoje Čizmović” from Nikšić. 

The children had the opportunity to find out more on the importance of OSCE mission and its role in Montenegro, as well as on the activities that OSCE carries out in the field of promotion and protection of human rights.

Ambassador Hřebíčková informed the children on historical reasons of establishing OSCE, as an organisation bridging cooperation between the East and the West who had been divided, as well as on today’s role of the organisation, which was much broader and different from before, and it also implied protection of human rights. Additionally, the Ambassador pointed out the importance of the organisation’s action through cooperation with all other organisations dealing with the issue of human rights at various levels.

During her informal conversation with the children, upon their request, the Ambassador explained what discrimination was, and how OSCE was engaged in decreasing this occurrence in the world. She told the children that only in a society without discrimination one could achieve the integrity of personality, and no matter the individual differences we must love our fellow humans such as they are.

The conversation between the children and the Ambassador was recorded within the TV segment produced by children during the workshop, and will be subsequently published on the website of Democracy Workshops.