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Monday, 02. December 2013. 15:28

V Session of the Children's Parliament held

President of the Parliament of Montenegro and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Mr Ranko Krivokapić said in his opening statement that he was particularly pleased by the fact that out of the 25 convocations of the Parliament of Montenegro - Children's Parliament was held for the fifth time, becoming thus a nice tradition.

President Krivokapić emphasised that Montenegrin Parliament was committed to respect of human rights and values and creation of democratic society – where a family had an important place. He emphasised that he was glad that Montenegrin society was acquiring awareness on public good, also recognised by the Parliament of Montenegro - which has been including the youngest in the process of democratisation through projects “Open Parliament” and “Democracy Workshops”. Thanks to those projects, the Parliament of Montenegro had been visited by more than 7000 children, President of the Parliament of Montenegro and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Mr Ranko Krivokapić reminded, also telling to the participants of the Children’s Parliament that they were the future of Montenegro. He expressed gratitude for the previous successful cooperation to representatives of the Children’s Rights Centre and Save the Children for Western Balkans, with whom the Parliament of Montenegro realised this year’s V Children’s Parliament.  

In addition to President Krivokapić, Mr Branko Radulović, the Vice President, and Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Damir Davidović were also at the presidential table. Chairpersons, on behalf of the Children’s Parliament, were students: Ms Ksenija Vukićević from Primary School “Aleksa Đilas” (Mojkovac), Mr Jovan Bojović from the local children’s parliament from Bijelo Polje and Ms Marija Knežević from the Club of children from fostering families (Podgorica). Following the welcome notes, they presented their colleagues and their presentations. The student Mr Slobodan Marković from Primary School “Ristan Pavlović”  (Pljevlja) pointed out, during his presentation, to the fact that, as far as he knows “none of the neighbouring countries has not organised children’s sessions in this manner, in the parliament itself”.

- With regard to that, thank you all for respecting us and for respecting our opinion, he concluded.

Student of the fourth grade of the Hospitality High  School (Bar) Ms Vasfija Tusa is an excellent student and, during her presentation, she stated that she would continue her education persistently and consistently. As a representative of Roma population, she said that in that manner she would contribute to her family and the overall society. Following the presentations, children posed questions which were answered by president Krivokapić, ministers and their associates, associates of the mayors of Podgorica and Cetinje and UNICEF representative. The session was attended by representatives of MPs Groups from the Parliament of Montenegro, embassies, UNICEF, organisation Save the Children, European Commission OSCE and UNDP.

The V Session of Children’s Parliament was organised by the Parliament of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Children’s Rights Centre and Save the Children.

The Session was attended by 46 children,36 from primary schools and 10 from secondary schools, from 19 Montenegrin municipalities, representatives of local children’s parliaments from  Bar, Cetinje, Bijelo Polje and Podgorica and children’s parliaments from 17 Montenegrin towns.

The topic of this year’s V Children’s Parliament was poverty.