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Skupština Crne Gore
Tuesday, 30. September 2014. 14:28

Commission for Monitoring and Control of privatization Process continues its 16th meeting

At today’s meeting, the Commission ended the discussion on privatization procedure of the Hotel "Otrant" JSC Ulcinj

Apart from members of the Commission, the meeting was also attended by the president of the Municipality of Ulcinj Trade Union Trusteeship, Šefkija Keko Ljamović, president of the Hotel ″Otrant″ JSC Ulcinj Trade Union, Muzafer Suljović, members of the Hotel ″Otrant″ Trade Union Executive Board, Ivo Lukić, Duško Popović, Amir Resulbegović and Bankruptcy Administrator, Miomir Jakšić.  

Members of the Commission pointed out that after the control of the privatization procedureof the Hotel ″Otrant″,relevant conclusions will be adopted. Also, members of the Commission agreed that on the grounds of problem-solving of part of the workers, who were due to sales of the Hotel "Otrant" left without a job, payment of overdue personal incomes, discontinuous length of service and inability to come into possession of their record books, they will urgently send requests to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the Labour Inspectorate.

The Commission has also reviewed the current situation in the "Montavar - Metalac" LtdNikš regarding the hunger strike of employees of the company. Chairman of the Commission,Janko Vučinić, regarding this agenda item, suggested that the Commission issued a conclusion that would require urgent convening of a parliamentary sitting dedicated to current labor issues, ranging from Metalac, KAP, Fisheries, as well as to workers of other companies found in similar situation. Proposal for the conclusion of the Chairman of the Commission did not obtain the required majority.