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Thursday, 23. April 2015. 15:13

Vice President of the Parliament Mr Suljo Mustafić participates in “XIII conference of speakers of parliaments of Adriatic-Ionian Initiative – AII”

Vice President of the Parliament Mr Suljo Mustafić participated in the XIII conference of the speakers of the parliaments of the Adriatic-Ionian initiative, which, in the framework of the AII Chairmanship of Bosnia and Herzegovina took place in Neum, on 22 and 23 April.

The conference covered the topics such as: connecting the region in order to strengthen sustainable tourism, better connection and building of infrastructure as well as engagement of parliaments in achieving aims of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative.

In his address,Vice President of the Parliament Mr Suljo Mustafić pointed out that travelling sector and tourism were becoming the important factors of economic development, in the context of permanent providing of revenue and opening of new jobs.

- With regard to that, we have to bear in mind that improvement and development of tourism should be based on the principles of sustainability, because the sustainable tourism is not a separate type of tourism, but characteristic that must be incorporated in each of its components”, Mr Mustafić said.

He also emphasised that sustainability was a responsibility of all included in creation of tourist product, stressing that governments had a leading role in that process, but that parliaments should, through political initiatives and legislative activities, encourage governments for more concrete projects in that sense.

- I invite our parliaments, as holders of political decisions, to pay a special attention to improving the existing and building new road infrastructure and connecting our tourist potentials in one greater, better regional, Mediterranean and European brand. We are encouraged by the results of recently held conference of prime ministers of the regional countries and our European partners where a strong message has been sent that through concreate financial support to infrastructural construction in the region. All of that gives us the right to be optimistic that this region, where culturally and historically we are turned one to another, will be connected with infrastructure in a better way, strengthen economy potentials and integrate in one developed whole where citizens will be able to feel the greatest advantages, Mr Mustafić said.

Mr Mustafić concluded that Montenegro, from political and every other aspect, was clearly committed to strengthening of good neighbourly cooperation and regional stability, and that it foreign and political priorities were membership to the NATO Alliance and perspective to the European Union, which opened opportunities for increasing the scope of quality investments and economic development.

The following, among others, took part in the XIII conference of the speakers of the parliaments of the Adriatic-Ionian initiative: chairs of the House of Representatives House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr Hercegovine Šefik Džaferović and Mr Bariša Čolak, President of the Senate of the Republic of Italia Mr Pietro Grasso, Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Mr Josip Leko, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia Mr Milan Brglez, Vice President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Mr Veroljub Arsić and Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament Mr Samoilis Stefanos

A Joint Declaration was adopted at the end of the conference.