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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 10. October 2014. 12:42

MP Šarančić participated in the meeting of the General Committee on Economic Affairs, "CEI - PD" in Bucharest

Member of the Permanent Delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro to the Parliamentary Dimension of the Central European Initiative, MP Danko Šarančić participated in the meeting of the General Committee on Economic Affairs "CEI - PD", which was held on 9 October in Bucharest. 

The meeting, which was convened by the Committee Chairperson Laura Comanescu, was held toward the annual session of the Parliamentary Assembly "CEI - PD," which will be held under the Austrian presidency of this initiative next month in Vienna.

The meeting was focused on the topic: "New jobs for highly educated young staff through regional - CEI Cooperation Framework - a challenge for cultural and creative industries.”

Committee members during the debate indicated to the increasingly evident importance of cultural and creative industries in Europe and stressed that there is untapped potential for economic growth through job creation in the CEI region.

Recognizing the need for identifying and investing in cultural and creative industries, which represent a strategic objective to facilitate economic recovery, it was pointed out that such a shift has led to generating new jobs especially for young, talented and qualified people, whose potential has been recognized as outstanding and untapped.

Also, particular attention is paid to the importance of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Central European Initiative in promoting cultural and creative resources in the region and the relationship between the EU members and states that are not members of the Union.

At the end of the meeting, Joint Statement was adopted, which contains the most important conclusions from today’s meeting.

The next meeting of the General Committee on Economic Affairs "CEI-PD" will be held in Vienna, shortly before the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of this initiative.