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Skupština Crne Gore
Tuesday, 03. November 2015. 17:48

Meeting of the General Committee on Cultural Affairs “CEI-PD” held

Chairperson of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants and Head of Permanent Delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro to “CEI-PD” Mr Miodrag Vuković participated in the Meeting of the General Committee on Cultural Affairs of the Parliamentary Dimension of the Central European Initiative, held in Rome on 2 November.

This year’s conference addressed the following topics: “Cooperation among CEI member states in education - universities within European integration”, “Mobility of students and teaching staff” and “Recognition of academic qualifications within the protection of linguistic minorities”.

The following delivered remarks on the said topics:  Italian Minister of Education, University and Research Ms Stefania Giannini, 
Chairperson of the CEI Assembly's General Committee on Cultural
Affairs Mr Luis Alberto Orellana, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and Migration Mr Pier Ferdinando Casini, Head of the Italian Delegation to the CEI Parliamentary Dimension Mr Lodovico Sonego, Chairperson of the CEI Assembly's General Committee on Political and Home Affairs Ms Tamara Blažina and Director of the CEI Summer School Mr Stefano Bianchini.

The unique position of all participants is that - ahead of the Annual session of the CEI Parliamentary Assembly, which is to be held in Skopje in early December - it is necessary to send clear conclusions for the purpose of including the recommendations from the meeting of the General Committee on Cultural Affairs in the text of the final declaration, by which the importance of quality high education is recognised as well as mobility of students and teaching staff and improving the rights of national minorities through recognition of their linguistic differences and acquired qualifications.

Stressing that education and knowledge had no boundaries, the Conference particularly emphasised the need for further common actions and improving the framework agreement among "CEI” countries, especially in the field of exchange of students and teaching staff.