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Skupština Crne Gore
Saturday, 16. May 2015. 18:47

NATO Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session – day two

Defence and Security Committee, Economics and Security Committee and Science and Technology Committee held meetings

During the meeting of the Defence and Security Committee, the participants discussed on “NATO’s Evolving Strategy toward the South” within the panel debate, which was followed by a debate on “NATO’s New Strategic Challenge” in the light of current developments. The work of the Committee, inter alia, was marked by a consideration of the draft report of the Sub-Committee on Transatlantic Cooperation on the topic “Strengthening the Transatlantic Link”, and then the debate on the Special Report “Afghanistan – Post-ISAF”.   

The meeting of the Economics and Security Committee was marked by presentations on “Hungary’s Future Place in the European and World Economy” and “”Current Defense Spending Trends in the Alliance and the Work of NATO’s Economics and Security Assessment Unit”. On the occasion, delegates had an opportunity to discuss draft reports on the topic “Terrorism Financing”, “The State of the Ukrainian Economy and Prospects for its Future Development” and “Sanctioning the Russian Economy: Costs and Impacts”.

Work of the Science and Technology Committee was marked by presentations on “The Climate Change Agreement in 2015: Its Necessity, Difficulties and Prospects” and “Prospects for the Negotiations on the Iranian Nuclear Programme”, and part of the discussion was devoted to draft report: “Russian Military Modernization”. This was followed by a discussion on energy security and with regard to that, delegates had an opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities in the High North.

NATO Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session will continue its work tomorrow, and Delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro participating in this gathering is composed of Mr Obrad Stanišić and Ms Branka Bošnjak.