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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 24. October 2016. 09:29

Day three of the 93rd Rose-Roth Seminar of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

The seminar was mostly devoted to Kosovo’s perspective in relations with the European Union integration and its reforms, progress in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, future of NATO in the Western Balkans, reform of the security sector in Kosovo, economy progress in the Western Balkans, challenges of migration in the South East Europe and prevention of radicalisation and fight against terrorism.

Day three of the 93rd Rose-Roth Seminar of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was opened by the welcome speech of Vice President of the Kosovo Assembly and Head of the Kosovo’s Delegation to NATO Mr Xhavit Haliti, which was followed by the address of the Kosovo Prime Minister Mr Isa Mustafa.

The closing session of the gathering was devoted to the topic: “Prevention of radicalisation and fight against terrorism”, and this part of the gathering was moderated by Deputy Chairperson of the Science and Technology Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Mr Bruno Vitorino from Portugal. On this occasion, the Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs Mr Skënder Hyseni spoke about "Kosovo’s approach to fighting terrorism and preventing radicalization," afterwards the participants were addressed by Senior Research Associate of the Kosovo Centre of Security Studies Mr Abit Hoxha who had a presentation on the topic "Radicalization in Kosovo: Views of civil society” and editor-in-chief of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Ms Marija Ristić who spoke on “Rise of Daesh and its impact on the South East Europe: How to fight radicalisation and develop sustainable anti-terrorist approaches”.

During the discussion on this topic, the participants noted that the Western Balkans countries were facing challenges of Daesh during the previous years, but that they had strong policies with regard to this issue, undertaking resolute steps aimed at fighting this phenomenon and providing safe environment for their citizens. Also, in this regard, and with the aim of undertaking further steps in fighting radicalisation, terrorism and implementing mechanisms aimed at combating the above mentioned dangerous social phenomena, the participants of the session jointly noted the importance of continuation of the cooperation among states in the region and beyond - with the aim of exchanging information, sharing knowledge and best practice, particularly bearing in mind that he above mentioned dangerous social phenomena know no boundaries, therefore it should be continuously implemented and upgraded.

This seminar of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was aimed at providing dialogue at parliamentary level on security issues among main legislators of NATO countries and their counterparts from partnering countries and providing current information from the said field.

Member of the Parliament of Montenegro's Permanent Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić participated in the 93rd Rose-Roth Seminar of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

This seminar, supported by the Swiss Government, has brought together around 130 participants, namely members of parliaments from NATO member and partner countries, government officials, representatives from international organisations, as well as experts from universities, think tanks and NGOs.

The seminar will end today.