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Saturday, 23. May 2015. 14:52

President of Parliament Mr Ranko Krivokapić participates in Conference of speakers of SEECP region parliaments in Tirana

Plenary session of the South-East European Cooperation Process – SEECP in Tirana

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Ranko Krivokapić participated in the SEECP Plenary session, which brought together 12 countries of the Balkans and East Europe. A special debate was devoted to the topic of: “The role of parliaments in the integration processes and the exchange of experiences and contributions in this framework”.

On the occasion, President Krivokapić addressed the participants of the SEECP PA and said that such organisations were an opportunity for better understanding of challenges shared by the member states and a place where joint responses were created.

“The issue of the Balkans is the issue of the European Union. We are close to each other and closely connected, hence we have to work more and better because our future is in united Europe, in togetherness”, Mr Krivokapić stressed. President Krivokapić emphasised the importance of establishing the SEEPC Secretariat, that he was the initiator of, as a basis which would provide an additional help to the countries of the South-East Europe to achieve common goals in easier way – through dialogue parliamentary diplomacy. 

At the margins of the SEECP Plenary session, President Krivokapić met Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey Mr Cemil Çiçek. The interlocutors spoke on further development of the SEECP dimensions and importance of parliamentary diplomacy, placing a special focus on good bilateral relations of the two states. Speker Çiçek used the opportunity to express a particular gratitude to President Krivokapić for the overall contribution that he personally gave during his mandate of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President.

During the Plenary session, President Krivokapić met Speaker of the Slovenian Parliament Mr Milan Brglez. At the meeting, the interlocutors stressed traditionally good and productive bilateral relations of Montenegro and Republic of Slovenia. President Krivokapić voiced gratitude to his Slovenian counterpart over the Slovenian support to Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro. 

“Countries which shared a common history may best understand each other and therefore a support of Slovenia to Montenegro has a value more. NATO should be our common house and the best answer for old illnesses which have not been cured yet”, President Krivokapić underlined.

President Krivokapić spoke with speakers of parliaments of the Republic of Albania and Republic of Kosovo Mr Ilir Meta and Mr Kadri Veseli. During the talks, they emphasised good cooperation and friendly political relations of Montenegro and its neighbouring countries.

Speaker of the Albanian Parliament Mr Ilir Meta emphasised that Montenegro may count on firm friendly support on its path to NATO, and voiced pleasure over the bilateral cooperation of the two states. Speaker Meta voiced gratitude over the contribution made by President Ranko Krivokapić in connecting and strengthening ties among the SEECP countries, and particularly over his engagement as the OSCE PA President.

In the conversation with Mr Krivokapić, President of the Kosovo Assembly Mr Kadri Veseli underlined that Montenegro and Kosovo had no opened issues, and that their relations were intertwined with mutual understanding and willingness for further development of cooperation. 

In numerous talks that Mr Krivokapić had during this gathering, efforts and results of our country at Euro-Atlantic path were welcomed and further steps for obtaining an invitation for the NATO membership were encouraged.