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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 08. May 2015. 15:11

Security and Defence Committee holds its 38th meeting

Several items of the agenda considered

At its 38th meeting held today, the Security and Defence Committee conducted a consultative hearing on the topic “Considering the status in the field of air traffic and airspace security”.

In the presence of the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, and representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, Airline “Montenegro Airlines”, JSC “Airports of Montenegro”, and Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC from Belgrade, the Committee was informed on the status in the field of air traffic and airspace security in Montenegro. During the discussion, the Committee members paid special attention to the issues of structure and organisation of the aviation security in Montenegro, in the sense of responsibilities of all subjects from this field, effective implementation of regulations and their coordinated cooperation, and pointed out the importance of expressing readiness and full dedication to continuous promotion of air traffic and airspace security. 

Following the discussion, with a majority of votes the Committee adopted the following

C O N C L U S I O N S:

1. The Committee noted the necessity of continuation of harmonising national regulations from the field of air traffic with the EU standards, and the need for all subjects of the air security system to engage in order to achieve permanent and effective results and build credibility in the subject field; 

2. The Committee recognised the need for all subjects of the air security system in Montenegro to continuously work on strengthening capacities in order to ensure full safety of all participants in the complex system of air traffic;

3. In order to ensure the highest degree of harmonisation in implementation of the regulations, standards, procedures and organisations in relation to airplanes, airplane staff and other personnel, air routes and ancillary services, the competent factors of the system are obliged to achieve the highest degree of cooperation, and thus provide full contribution to promotion of air security; 

4. Bearing in mind that Montenegro represents a recognisable tourist destination, the Committee noticed the need for continuous development of strategies and regulations from the field of civil air traffic, as well as other activities in this field, in order to achieve the highest degree of safety of people and material goods, in accordance with the national and international standards;

5. With reference to the fact that the most convenient manner of resolving the issue of control and supervision of the airspace for the Balkan countries is a regional approach, the Committee welcomed the activities of the Ministry of Defence within the BRAAD (Balkan Regional Approach to Air Defence) project as a multinational initiative of the NATO, aimed at modernisation of the capability for protection of airspace of the Balkan countries, increase of interoperability between the BRAAD countries in the NATO initiative, and rationalisation of expenditures through joint procurement of necessary assets.

In the presence of representative of the proposer, the Committee also considered the Proposal for the Law on Amendments to the Law on Data Confidentiality, and, with a majority of votes, proposed its adoption to the Parliament.

Additionally, at its meeting held today, the Committee unanimously adopted a Decision on control hearing of the Supreme Public Prosecutor, Minister of Interior, and acting director of the National Security Agency on the topic of unsolved murders in Montenegro.