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Friday, 25. March 2016. 21:26

Working visit of the Security and Defence Committee to the Border Police Sector

MPs visited Regional Centre of Border Police “Jug” and Joint Border Crossing Sukobin-Murićan 

Within the implementation of the programme activities, members of the Security and Defence Committee paid a working visit to the Border Police Sector of the Police Administration of the Ministry of Interior.

At the meeting with Assistant Director of the Police Administration - Head Mr Vesko Damjanović and chiefs of the Regional Centre of Border Police “Jug”, members of the Committee learned about current functioning of the said sector, with the focus on achieving and implementing priority missions and tasks, available material and technical capacities, and results achieved in the work.  In this regard, a special attention was devoted to activities carried out regarding the implementation of the Action Plan in the event of a possible influx of migrants and refugees, measures to be undertaken related to movement of people and goods at border crossings, and challenges that the border police faced in its work.

Within the visit, members of the Committee toured the Joint Border Crossing Sukobin-Murićan, learning about the manner of functioning and regular check procedures enforced by the Department of Border Security Ulcinj.

In line with the mentioned, members of the Committee pointed out the importance of ensuring a smooth process of transition of people and exchange of goods and services, and stressed the support to efforts aimed at operationalisation of standards and conditions for functioning of border crossings. In accordance with the stated, they stressed the need for continuing the work on strengthening infrastructural capacities of the said border crossing in the period to come, particularly having in mind frequency of transition and importance of implementing full and efficient control in the given case.

Bearing in mind that the work of border police has an essential importance for security of the state and its citizens, and particularly in the context of current security challenges, members of the Committee stated the importance of implementing activities at preventing illegal migrations, cross border crimes, as well as continuation of cooperation with border police sectors of neighbouring countries.

In addition to the above, considering that securing of state borders implies permanent strengthening of its oversight system, the Committee voiced full support to the activities on strengthening infrastructural, material-technical and staff capacity of the Border Police Sector.

Delegation of the Committee comprised of: Chairperson Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić, Deputy Chairperson Ms Snežana Jonica and members Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić and Mr Luiđ Ljubo Škrelja.