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Monday, 19. September 2016. 23:37

Chairperson of the Security and Defence Committee takes part in the regional workshop of the OSCE

Mr Nuhodžić talked about the security sector governance and reform 

Chairperson of the Security and Defence Committee Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić has spoken today about the security sector governance and reform at the regional workshop of the OSCE, which is taking place in Podgorica from 19 to 21 September 2016.

Within the presentation titled “Opportunities and Challenges in Security Sector Governance and Reform in South East Europe”, Chairperson Nuhodžić presented experiences of Montenegro in the said field, highlighting the key steps undertaken regarding building a functional and responsible security and defence system, with emphasis on observation of rights and freedoms of every citizen and on conduct of competent bodies and institutions in accordance with professional and democratic standards.

In addition to the above, he pointed out that precisely the strengthening of professional and expert capacities was and should be in focus of continuation of the security sector reform, and that in that sense the cooperation and sharing of good practice examples should be borne in mind, as well as the timely exchange of information in the region. In his speech, Chairperson Nuhodžić also referred to the significance of strengthening responsibility of bodies and institutions in the security and defence sector, building and improving integrity, and cooperation with the civil society.

- I am convinced that unification of the said activities, along with continuous work and cooperation on all levels, represents a clear framework and platform for sustainability of reforms and further progress of the countries of the South East Europe - said Mr Nuhodžić.

Furthermore, the workshop will cover topics such as carrying out of democratic and civil oversight of the performance of bodies and institutions from the security and defence sector, approach to transnational security challenges, implementation of multidimensional approach for supporting security sector governance and reform, and prospects of regional cooperation in that context.

The participants in the gathering include representatives of parliaments and governments of the South East Europe, the OSCE Secretariat representatives dealing with topics from this field and international partners, security experts, academia and civil society representatives.