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Skupština Crne Gore
Wednesday, 26. December 2012. 12:27

First Meeting of the Committee on European Integration ended

The necessity of good communication between the Committee on European Integration and the Government of Montenegro pointed out.

At the first Meeting of the Committee on European Integration, information regarding dynamics of overall negotiating process was considered, with special reference to recently closed chapter 25 - Science and Research.

Chairman of the Committee on European Integration, Mr. Slaven Radunović, expressed expectation that the Committee would establish regular communication with the Government and Chief Negotiator, and that operational communications of the secretariat services of the two institutions would be much stronger in the future. The Chairman emphasized the demands of the upcoming stage in the process of European integration, high expectations of European officials, especially regarding the active role of the Parliament in integration process and simultaneously the necessity of good communication and active monitoring of negotiating process through the work of the Committee on European Integration.

State Secretary and Chief Negotiator, Mr. Aleksandar Andrija Pejović, acquainted MPs with dynamics of negotiating process, especially in the part relating to temporarily closed Chapter 25 – Science and Research. The Chief Negotiator emphasized that working groups were  established gradually in the previous phases of the negotiating process, and that screening for Chapters 23 and 24 was in progress, but also that screening dynamics have been continued with two levels included – explanatory and bilateral meetings for 12 (twelve) negotiating chapters.

He reminded members of the Committee of the course of negotiating preparations relating to Chapter 25, since the working group formed in July until the closing Inter-government Conference in December of the current year, when the Chapter 25 was temporarily closed. The Chief Negotiator  defined temporary closure of the Chapter as a success at the beginning of negotiations, but also as a motivation for further successful work in full capacity and fulfilling of European obligations for each chapter.   

Chief Negotiator reminded of the previous active participation of the Service of the Parliament of Montenegro and providing of technical assistance to working groups for the negotiating chapters, and expressed assurance that the Government and Parliament of Montenegro would continue good practice in terms of joint work, with the goal of fulfilling the demanding European Agenda.                  

At the first Meeting of the Committee on European Integration, the Deputy Chairman was not elected, as it was envisaged by the agenda, but it was stated, with the consent of the Committee members, that the position did not submit the candidacy, so the election of the Deputy Chairman was postponed.