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Monday, 11. February 2013. 13:13

Members of the Committee on European Integration of the Parliament of Montenegro met with the Ambassadors of the NATO Member States

Importance of Atlantic Integration and raising the level of informing the public on that process.

During the two-day visit of NATO Member State ambassadors, members of the Committee on European Integration met the Delegation consisting of the permanent representatives of Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Luxembourg to the North-Atlantic Council, as well as the representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia to Montenegro.

It was emphasized at the meeting that Montenegro was well on its way regarding Euro-Atlantic Integration, and that the process was compatible with the process of European Integration, as in meeting the standards for entry into the European Union Montenegro has simultaneously been working on approaching the NATO Alliance. On that occasion, it was pointed to the experience of most countries, which immediately before entering the European Union became full-fledged NATO members.

There was a discussion on the Montenegro strategy for entering NATO at the meeting as well and it was pointed to the advantages of NATO membership, especially in the section regarding the respect of sovereignty and independence of each member state, as well as the importance in terms of sovereign decisions by the member states.

Special attention during the meeting was dedicated to the issue of insufficient informing of the public on overall process of integration into Atlantic Alliance, as well as on the best models of the campaign which will be used in the aim of raising awareness of the public on this issue. Interlocutors agreed that it was necessary to work on improvement and frequency of communication between the MPs and NATO Member States ambassadors in the following period.