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Skupština Crne Gore
Thursday, 10. March 2016. 15:06

Committee on European Integration organises a public debate titled “Montenegro and EU: negotiations on free movement of goods”

Blue Room of the Parliament of Montenegro, Monday 14 March, at 13:00

Committee on European Integration will organise a public debate titled: “Montenegro and EU: negotiations on free movement of goods”, in the Blue Room of the Parliament of Montenegro, on Monday 14 March, at 13:00.

Interested public and experts from the field of free movement of goods will have an opportunity, in accordance with the previous practise of the Committee, to present their opinions and suggestions, prior to consideration of the Draft negotiating position for Negotiation Chapter 01 - Free movement of goods at the forthcoming Committee meeting.

We invite all interested parties to take part in the public debate and obtain information about the content of the said negotiating position, and give contribution to the accession process of Montenegro to the European Union by their suggestions.

Application for the participation in the public debate is obligatory.  All interested parties may apply via e-mail address: euintegracije@skupstina.meor by phone 020 404 553, no later than Friday 11 March of the current year.