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Skupština Crne Gore
Thursday, 22. September 2016. 16:00

Committee on Monitoring the Application of the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs in the part relating to the media begins its third meeting

The role of the Agency for Electronic Media in the election process considered as well as two objections to the conduct of the media, submitted by the President of the Parliament and MP Mr Koča Pavlović


At the third meeting, which has begun today, the participants considered objections to the conduct of the media, which have arrived today to the Committee, namely: the objection by President of the Parliament Mr Darko Pajović to “the conduct of the independent daily “Vijesti”” and the objection of MP Mr Koča Pavlović to “attempt of stopping the campaign of the Democratic Front in the electronic media and the case of devastation of billboard and citylight in the city of Bar”. They stated different views on the importance of the objections, assessing that there was a great difference between political speech and political marketing.

Upon the invitation, Mr Beli Džafić and Ms Jadranka Vojvodić, representatives of the Agency for Electronic Media, attended the meeting. With their active participation, the role of the Agency in the election process was considered. They pointed out that the Agency had its bodies - the Council and Director, in charge of considering objections to the conduct of the electronic media. They said that, in procedures prescribed by the Electronic Media Law, more than seventeen objections had been received.  It was also noted that the Agency had a developed monitoring centre, which marked all electronic emissions in the territory of Montenegro. The team of very responsible media experts reviews all filmed material so that the Agency could, if necessary, react on broadcasted material, asking the opinion of the broadcaster.

The meeting will be continued on 30 September.

The meeting was attended by the Committee members: Ms Nada Drobnjak, Mr Danko Šarančić, Mr Slaven Radunović, Mr Koča Pavlović and Mr Vladislav Bojović.

The meeting was not attended by MP Mr Suljo Mustafić, member of the Committee.