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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 17. October 2014. 16:15

Joint meeting held

Tempus project ″Heart″ promoted

At the second joint meeting of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Gender Equality Committee, held today, Tempus project ″Heart″ was promoted, based on supporting the development and improvement of training courses and programs at universities in the Western Balkans (Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, B&H and Kosovo) in cooperation with four universities from EU (Germany, Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom).

The main objective of the Project is to improve the curricula at universities, raise the level of awareness and knowledge among lecturers on contemporary trends of protection of human rights, but also the training of staff and students on new techniques and methods of teaching and training.

Students of the University of Donja Gorica participated in this project in a special way, and with their hard work, efforts and ideas significantly influenced for the mentioned project to achieve its purpose.

Students had their presentations on the following topics: Using words in the masculine gender as generic terms; Unequal treatment and unequal opportunities; Unequal compensation for the same work; Representation of women in public and political life; Representation of women in entrepreneurship.

Members of the two committees were shown a video prepared by students on "Prohibition of Discrimination".

The meeting was attended by: the project coordinator, Bojan Božović, junior lecturer, Andrej Bracanović and students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Donja Gorica, Jelena Rašović, Alen Adrović, Marija Bošković, Ana Tanasijević and Jovana Prlja.