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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 20. March 2015. 14:03

Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare holds its 80th meeting

The Committee dedicated today’s meeting to the safety and quality of hospital care for mothers and new-born babies in Montenegro

In addition to the Committee members, the meeting was attended by Ms Kristina Mihailović, Executive Director of the Association “Parents”; Mr Benjamin Perks, Head of the UNICEF Office in Montenegro; Mr Mensud Grbović, Assistant Minister of Health; Ms Božidarka Rakočević of the Public Health Institute; Ms Ana Zec, UNICEF Programme Coordinator for Montenegro; and Ms Milica Kadović of the Association “Parents”. 

Following the discussion on the current state in Montenegrin maternity wards and a detailed reference to the quality of care being given to mothers and new-born babies in maternity wards, it was decided at the meeting that the Ministry of Health of Montenegro, the Association “Parents” and the UNICEF Office in Montenegro should propose guidelines and conclusions that they would address to the professional service of the Committee. Based on that, the public would be informed on the activities undertaken in order to improve the quality of health care in Montenegrin maternity wards.