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Friday, 19. December 2014. 12:08

Head of MP Group of Albanian parties (FORCA, AA), HGI and LPCG held a meeting with representatives of USSCG

Head of MP Group of Albanian parties (FORCA, AA), HGI and LPCG Mr Andrija Popović held a meeting with representatives of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro (USSCG), secretary general of USSCG Mr Srđa Keković, and member of Secretariat of USSCG and president of the Trade Union of Banks Ms Lidija Pejović. 

Representatives of the USSCG informed the MP on two initiatives from the field of social rights, which consider social needs a priority. The first initiative for implementation of Resolution on protection of motherhood, relates to supplements to the Law on Social and Child Protection, which is supposed to protect the position of women in the labour market with regard to realisation of motherhood. Numerous arguments at their disposal strengthen their conviction that the employed woman, who gives birth to three children and achieves 25 years of service, or who gives birth to four children and achieves 15 years of service, should be entitled to a lifelong compensation. They proposed to have the amount of that compensation be 70% of the average income, and that it should be provided for all employed women who wish to exercise this right.

The second initiative relates to amendment to the Pension and Disability Insurance Law in order to return the retirement age limit to 65 years for men and women, or 60 years for women, if they wish to exercise that right earlier, as well as that the base for calculation of the amount of their pension is determined according to the average of the most favourable 20 years of service insurance. Additionally, they also talked about the Agreement on Wage Policy of Employees, funded from the Budget, and in which the Government had committed to begin negotiating on increasing wages if the GDP increases for more than 3.5% during the validity period of the Agreement, which happened, but the wages were not increased in that period.

The Liberal Party of Montenegro also had a similar initiative, relating to protection of motherhood and it will support the USSCG’s proposal. The MPs of MP Group of Albanian parties (FORCA, AA), HGI and LPCG will subsequently declare their positions on the initiatives, due to heterogeneous composition of the Group.  

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